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The Caffeine Baarís (TCB) philosophy centers around chemistry, that of coffee as well as the world around us. Chemistry is all around us ñ from the air we breathe, the food we taste, or the invisible vibes and connections between people, for a start. The road from a seedling in nature to a warm cup of coffee in your hands is remarkable. That connection between the nature and the condition in which coffee grows, the flora and fauna that helps create and sustain these conditions, the link between the coffee picker and the cherry; even the music the cherry pickers sing, the way the morning dew drops refracts the sunlight ñ TCB believes that chemistry is key. Especially so at Baarbara Estate, the single origin source of all beans at TCB. With painstaking attention devoted to purity, flavour, and biodiversity, the transformation of beans into a fragrant beverage is nothing short of miraculous or mystic.

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